Artist’s Statement

I aspire to create representational imagery that will trigger a lasting smile, a lasting longing to look, and a lasting visual imagery that will encourage some positive view of our world and of the people living in it. Through my art, I want to interact with my viewers and to share with them what I have experienced as Lynda, as a mother, as a wife, and as a cancer survivor. My paintings speak of what I have experienced and what I wish to share. I paint portraits, landscapes and inanimate objects in both watercolor and oil.

I am challenged to use watercolor, one of the most difficult and unforgiving medium in the visual arts. I use swift, fluid and spontaneous brush strokes combined with meticulous rendering of details to draw the attention of the viewers to the unseen content of my paintings. The paintings are highly representational and yet they invite the viewers to ponder.

When I paint people, I want them candid, convincingly alive that they visually communicate and seemingly cognizant of the viewers. My interest is on people and the landscapes these people are in. In doing my portraits, I am challenged not to simply capture the likeness but the character, personality and life of the subject. In my portraits and in every artwork that I do, I aspire even further than this. I want the viewers to “talk” to the subject and the subject to “talk” back. The subject/s of the painting visually comes out of the 2-dimensional plane to make that contact with the viewers. My paintings reveal my fascination in representing the human figure both in watercolor or oil.

In my landscape paintings, I want to create a picture window where viewers are invited to stop and ponder about the imagery and perhaps, picture themselves as part of the scene. My urban landscapes are dramatic both in its heightened contrast of darks and lights and bright and gloomy colors. The clouds show impending storm illuminated by sunlight slowly diminishing into the horizon. My scene paintings, whether big or small, are almost hypnotic. As the painting lures its viewers to a deep contemplation of the subject, the viewers unconsciously participate in the creative process. They relate to the scene depicted and at the same time imagine themselves participants in that moment of time and place.

My empowering words aim to touch all those who view my paintings and grasp their insight. My paintings, in whatever genre, are metaphors. Although highly representational in style, my art invites the viewers to go beyond the form and to finish the story. The full content is never revealed.

When the viewers participate and feel with me what I have gone through and is still is going through in my daily life, only then can I say my painting is done! I believe that the appreciation of art is a very personal response to creative work and that as an artist I strive to engender this response in my viewers. My hands, mind and heart all work in unison to spark the awe the viewers experience in their initial encounter with any of my artworks.